We are pleased to inform that the MELES (http://meles-project.eu/)project, as the only one from the Higher Education category, was invited to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of ERASMUS, which was inaugurated on 11th January in the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Our colleague, Jola Koszelew, the coordinator of the project at the Bialystok University of Technology, presented a film devoted to the project and, as an expert, shared her experience in disseminating and using the project results with numerous participants of the panel.

Jolanta Koszelew, PhD (in the middle) is answering questions concerning dissemination of the results.

Let us remind that Jolanta Koszelew is the winner of the EduInspirator 2016 competition in Higher Education category.

The film about the MELES project made by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System is available here: