Traditionally, after closing of the basic season for rowers (the last regatta on water was held on 11.11.2016), the Maritime University organises Open University Rowing Machine Championships.

This year, on 22 November, medals were awarded in several categories, both as regards weight and age, among women and men.
The first races were organised for students from the Julian Tuwim Upbringing and Educational Centre for children with hearing impairments in Szczecin. 21 boys and girls competed at the distance of 500 m. The next race was VIP rivalry with participation of the Dean of the Faculty of Marine Engineering, Zbigniew Matuszak.

Next, MUS students not associated in the rowing sport section joined the competition and, fierce battle at the distance of 500m revealed the best female and male students. These races were followed by the fight of MUS rowers (rowing crew), who took part in University Rowing Machine Championships of the West Pomerania Province last Saturday, winning team classification as well as individual races. Our championships confirmed high level of MUS representatives achieving very good sport results.

After each race, the best three competitors took place on the podium to receive medals and diplomas from Vice Deans attending the event: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Zbigniew Szozda and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Marine Engineering, Piotr Treichel.

Classification in individual categories:

Junior female students 300m
I- Karolin Mieczkowska, II- Julia Gapska, III- Dominika Banaś

Junior male students 500m
I- Daniel Jędzura, II- Damian Szyszkowski, III-Mateusz Pająk

I- Marcin Matuszak, II- Mariusz Czerniawski, III- Zbigniew Matuszak

MUS female students 500m
I- Alicja Frohmut, II- Ola Jarząbkowska, III- Magdalena Wit

Male students- light weight 500m
I- Dustin Łuniewski, II- Oskar Muller, III- Oskar Mazur

Male students - open weight 500m
I- Wojciech Michalik, II- Paweł Trzciński, III- Sebastian Rędzikowski

Female students rowing crew light weight 1000m
I- Małgorzata Filipzik, II- Monika Kłos

Female students rowing crew- open weight 1000m
I- Karolina Woźniak, II- Joanna Dudek, III- Zuzanna Dudek

Male students rowing crew- light weight
I- Fryderyk Grodecki, II- Aleksander Florczak, III- Michał Kovac

Male students rowing crew- open weight
I- Jan Kucera, II- Michał Sobanda, III- Maciej Nowikiewicz.