Students from School Complex No. 1 in Stargard have spent the whole day visiting the Maritime University of Szczecin. They visited all faculties and the vessel.

A visit on the research and training vessel Nawigator XXI as well as at the Faculties of Navigation and Marine Engineering in Wały Chrobrego Street enabled them to get to know the ins and outs of typical "marine" fields of study.

This was not the end, however, as they also visited the Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering, where we opened the Laboratory of Commodity Science to them as well as the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography of the Faculty of Navigation in Żołnierska Street. The high school students found out that students and researchers at our university deal with much broader subject matter than only marine issues.

Such an extended programme of the visit enabled them to learn, in more detail, about the educational offer of the Maritime University - on the one hand, preparing its graduates to work on water and, on the other hand, educating students in fields of study not only related to maritime industry such as transport, logistics, information technology or geodesy and cartography.