The Maritime University of Szczecin made an attempt at beating the Guinness Record in simultaneous CPR being done by the largest number of people. In this way, we joined the event of the Polish Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation.

35 minutes, 25 participants, seven degrees Celsius, three phantoms, two cameras, two witnesses, two people measuring time, one steward supervising the action - these are the numbers summing up the Monday event at the Maritime University. The first estimates mention 90 000 people taking part in the event all around Poland. Yet, it's not the record itself that matters.

- Whether it will be beaten is of secondary importance - said Agnieszka Deja, PhD, Eng., Vice Rector for Teaching of MUS, taking part in the event. - The most significant aspect of this undertaking is to practice first aid and improve these skills constantly - she concluded.

Regular revision of the principles of first aid is a chance that, in a critical situation, taking up resuscitation will be a natural reaction. 30 chest compressions and two ventilations - the principle doesn't seem to be complicated, but the resuscitation process is exhausting for the person performing it. Nevertheless, the participants of our event agree that it’s necessary to undertake such action. - I consider it to be my duty - said Ivan, third-year student of the Faculty of Marine Engineering.

According to the information received from the GOCC, we may expect an entry in the official Guinness Book of Records - previous events organised by Jurek Owsiak's foundation took place without an attempt at obtaining such an entry. The previous record is held by the Germans and amounts to nearly 12 000. Almost 90 000 participants of our event is a huge achievement.