The Lake of Mysteries was the subject of the "Meriti" Scientific Association Summer Camp in Czaplinek.

The Lake of Mysteries was an exploration and historical event aiming at discovering the secrets of Drawskie Lake and the whole district. Local rumours mention e.g. one or more submarines from World War II sunk in the lake. Work in the waters of the lake was conducted by members of the Marine Hydrography Scientific Association of our university. Now, six students from the "Metiri" Scientific Association led by their supervisor, doctor Grzegorz Stępień, also joined the action to discover secrets of local towns and historical buildings.

Members of the association went to Czaplinek, at the invitation of Stanisław Kuczyński, the Starost of Drawski District, who told the students about the history of the town and the region and introduced them to the details of the whole action. Students received certificates confirming their joining the project.

The students started their work in Stare Drawsko, near Czaplinek, where they performed several photogrammetry drone passes over the Drahim Castle. Further drone passes took place in Czaplinek: above the Holy Trinity Church and reconstruction of the Sławogród medieval fortress as well as on the beach.

During the passes, the camera shot at two angles. All the materials were used to create 3D models and compare both shooting angles. The models are available at the following links:

The models were developed in Agisoft PhotoScan programme - a platform for creating three-dimensional models from photos taken by unmanned aerial vehicles. - While developing the models, it is necessary to conduct seven processes, which, in short: first combine the photos (spatial aerotriangulation), next build a cloud of points and, then, link the cloud into a network and texture it - explains Roman Hałaburda from Metiri. Such work gives excellent results although it requires patience: the average time of such a development is 24 hours of constant computer work.

- The summer camp is loads of new experience and practical knowledge in the field of photogrammetry as well as satellite measurement - sums up Roman Hałaburda.

The camp took place in the last week of September and enabled students to get new experience and use the knowledge gained during their studies in practice. The effects of their work will be used for promotional purposes of the Lake of Mysteries action. Yet, this is not the end of cooperation. The Maritime University of Szczecin became the technical partner of the action and the young scientists will return to Drawskie Lake District to discover further secrets of the area.