On Thursday, 20th October, the unique "Red Bull Window to Window" tournament will take place in the Szczecin "Pasat" and "Korab" Dormitories.  It's an exceptional project for computer game fans which will enable students to enter virtual reality without the necessity to leave their rooms.

After a successful début of "Red Bull Window to Window" in Wrocław in autumn 2015, the time has come to have good fun again. This time in Szczecin - the inhabitants of the Seaman's Home Dormitories owned by the Maritime University of Szczecin in Starzyńskiego Street will have a unique opportunity to take part in an exclusive fight combining the real world with the virual one. How is it possible? Thanks to special cranes with screens fixed to their baskets. The machines will appear in the yard between the buildings and approach the windows of an individual team each time. In this way, inhabitants of the opposite dormitories will fight in the "Rocket League" game.

The task is simple, in 5 minutes you have to score as many goals as possible. 16 people can take part in the tournament, i.e. 8 teams in each dormitory. The competition will take place in a room against room system, with 2 people in each team. The contestants will be selected based on the order of their applications.
The fight between "Pasat" and "Korab" is bound to make the pads red-hot! Emotions during the event are guaranteed by PlayStation. The spectators will be able to support their neighbours and watch their fight live on a large screen mounted between the dormitories.

Huge emotions during the tournament are not everything students will experience on Thursday, 20th October! The fierce competition during all fights shall definitely pay off as the teams with the best result shall win Red Bull MOBILE prizes. In addition, the winning dormitory shall receive a PlayStation console for several months.

Applications and more details available at www.redbull.pl/oknowokno.
date: 20th October
time: 19:00
location: Campus of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Starzyńskiego Street, Szczecin.
Facebook: http://facebook.com